Gas Supply Agreements

We offer a variety of ways to provide you with propane gas. Below lists each of our propane agreements.

Bulk Delivery

Bulk Deliveries are made by a truck that will fill your tank with a hose, and supply the gas by a metered ticket. Arrangements can be made for D&D to supply the tank on a lease basis if you do not own an LP tank, or we can provide service to your supplied tank. See our FAQ for more information regarding leasing.

Cylinder Account

Cylinders are delivered to your account and normally installed on smaller loads that do not require a larger tank. D&D Gas will initially provide (2) tanks so that you always have a back-up supply so you do not run out of gas.

Keep Full

Keep full customers have established credit, and are monitored by our company to provide a steady supply of gas to prevent customers from being low or empty on gas. We top off a tank at intervals based upon your usage so you won't receive one large bill. Due to this method, your gas will be similar to a utility bill price that you're accustomed to receiving every 4 to 8 weeks.

Dock Service

At our location, we operate a cylinder-supply dock that allows you to bring your cylinder tank(s) for us to fill. We are licensed by the DOT to provide a complimentary cylinder-tank inspection each time you bring it to our dock, and confirm that it is safe to fill. Many tank exchanges only provide a partial fill of the cylinder, but we weigh the tanks to ensure full capacity every time. As an added service, we also provide tank recertification. For more information and pricing for recertification, please see our FAQ.

Will Call

Will Call customers monitor their own tank supply. If you choose to become Will Call, you will be responsible for contacting us to arrange for the delivery of fuel. A gauge is provided on most containers so that you can choose when the time is right for your delivery. Please see our FAQ for our delivery schedule.

RV and Motor Home

Have an RV or Motor home? Come to our loading facility Monday - Friday to fill your tanks.

Please call us at (904) 725-9144 or email us at for free gas estimates and more.