About D&D Gas Company

D&D Gas has provided gas services to Jacksonville residents for over 30 years and was started by Mr. Jack Curran to serve the Northeast Florida Market with propane gas. D&D Gas was purchased in 2002 by Lewis Spradlin and Melvin Luciano to expand the services that were being provided by their existing companies.

Our customer satisfaction of on time delivery, services, and fairness, is what seperates us from the larger marketers of LP gas. We understand that you deserve our attention to detail and receive our commitment to safety, service, and trained installers when choosing to purchase or add gas to any business, residence, or other project. Let D&D Gas become your choice for gas services when it comes to choosing who will supply your propane (LP) gas.

Please call us at (904) 725-9144 or email us at contact@dndgas.com for free gas estimates and more.